Habbo kicks off its spring campaign with the launch of new digital lifestyle magazine “The Pixel”

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Become a busy bee in bug themed event, with fresh user generated games, rares, bundles and exclusive badges to discover

Helsinki, Finland – April 1st 2022 – Spread your wings and become a true social butterfly this Spring, as Habbo launches a nature-themed event, transforming residents into entomologists on a research mission this April! Additionally, Habbo launches “The Pixel” digital lifestyle magazine, an occasional publication which will share competitions, activities and a catalog of purchasable items from their in-game campaigns.

Swing into springtime with Habbo’s bug themed event, where you will have to do what it takes to not only catch the hotel’s invaders but also adapt to their environment and research everything about them! Bringing a series of user generated games, the event will also scatter creatures throughout the hotel in random locations – make sure you are in the right place at the right time in order to unlock the exclusive event badge!

Lastly, alongside the critter themed event, also discover the hotly awaited Habbo player created Snake game this season! With 36 difficulty settings and 5 different levels, make a beeline away from the bug event and check out the limited duration game mode, where Habbos can win an exclusive trophy by participating!

For more information, visit: https://www.habbo.com/

About Habbo and Sulake

Sulake is a social entertainment company focused on providing a safe and fun online service for self-expression through its games, Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. Sulake was founded in 2000 by a small team of passionate people and now after 21 years, Habbo is still one of the largest virtual communities in the world, reaching players all over the world each month. With paying customers in over 150 countries and approximately 600 thousand active users a month, Habbo continues to be a hugely popular and globally recognised brand.

Sulake’s mission is to enable its users to meet new people, make friends and give them a place to create and share their user-generated content in fun virtual surroundings. Sulake is a leader in ensuring online safety for children and was acquired in 2020 by Dutch digital entertainment and media platform Azerion. www.sulake.com

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