Hustle and Scuffle Your Way Through the Steampunk Streets of Alchemical INC.

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Welcome to New Folk City where cards are more than just a game, they are the currency you live by.

Independent developer Looch Labs are excited to announce their first title, Alchemical INC., a steampunk roguelike where card battles play out through the management of steam-powered machines called alchemical kits. Explore the grubby streets of New Folk City, hustle with the locals to build your deck, and scuffle with Alchemists to earn cards. If you want to eat, you need the cards!

Filling the young shoes of a kid living in the shadow of the Alchemical INC. factory, you’ll need to scurry down to the streets below every day to buy food for your family. How do you pay for this food? Through the currency of cards. 

The overworld of New Folk City is littered with gritty streets full of mobsters, schemers, and Alchemists. Maneuvering, negotiating, and defeating these colorful characters will reward you with new cards, alchemical kit parts, and even food for your family.

Card battling, or more specifically, alchemical kits are the very heart of New Folk City. Everyone wants to be an Alchemist, but very few possess the skill, knowledge, and patience to safely and effectively manage their machines to victory.

The core cards of Alchemical INC are elementals, each representing a different real-world element such as Thermite, Zinc, or Water. Positioning these elementals into your alchemical kit allows you to charge the machine for powerful attacks on your opponent. To up the ante, you can combine different elements to find new recipes and create even more powerful combos within your machine.

Playing your elementals is only half the battle. Your alchemical kit processes elements and other cards in a specific order, which can be manipulated. Not only do you need to think of what elemental to play but in what order you fuse them.

Hustling in the streets of New Folk City will also reward you with other unique cards, including action cards that react to your opponent’s elements, Punch cards that provide passive abilities to your alchemical kit, and new Alchemist cards that can alter the archetype of your deck. With over 300 cards planned for Alchemical INC. the deckbuilding possibilities and fusing opportunities are massive.

If you would like to explore the streets of New Folk City yourself feel free to shuffle down below to request a preview key for Alchemical INC. Make sure you bring your A-game kiddo, or this could be a painful one for you.

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