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Water-Based DLC Introduces New Story Campaign, Weapons, Maps Out Now!

BRISBANE, Queensland – 25 March 2022 – Forts, the physics-based RTS from developer EarthWork Games with over one million units sold, ushers in an era of nautical battles with the launch of Forts – High Seas, a DLC update adding an all-new buoyancy system with seafaring vessels, weapons, and more.

Set sail towards action and adventure in the next generation of Forts’ 2D base-building artillery formula. High Seas’ overhauled physics engine simulates buoyancy and water effects to portray impressive naval skirmishes with floating vessels and explosive engagements. Amass a fleet of battleships, gunboats, and hulking dreadnoughts, each capable of causing huge devastation with Harpoons, Deck Guns, Nighthawks, and other destructive armaments. Maintain the buoyancy and equilibrium of your vessels to land your shots and command the seas.

Follow intrepid United Navy Captain Max Capacitor through a story-driven campaign consisting of 18 missions punctuated by graphic novel-inspired cutscenes. Search for Max’s father, a long-missing scientist with links to the construction of a new mega weapon with terrifying capabilities. Overcome challenges, defeat enemies during combat missions, and rescue Max’s father on a seafaring adventure colored with Forts’ signature gift for whimsical warfare.

Reign the seven seas in AI Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. Half of the 16 new maps support pre-built ships for speedy matches, or enter the fray in the other eight ‘From Scratch’ maps that encourage more deliberate and considered fleet construction High Seas expands Forts’ in-game editor, empowering enterprising users to create their own maps, weapons and devices and share them across the world via Steam Workshop integration.

“Since first launching Forts in 2017, constant support from our player base has fueled our creative efforts,” said Tim Auld, founder of EarthWork Games. “Forts – High Seas introduces a ton of new content our existing community will appreciate while inviting new players to an expanded world!”

Forts – High Seas isnow available on Steam for Windows PC for $9.99 with a 20% launch week discount. A free playable demo is now available on Steam, and is also available on the Humble, Green Man Gaming and Fanatical stores. For more information, please visit the official website. 

About EarthWork Games

EarthWork Games is an independent studio based in Brisbane, Queensland, comprised of former Alien Isolation, Total War, and Hand of Fate developers. Their debut title, Forts, launched in 2017 and has sold more than 1 million units to date. EarthWork Games strives to create fun, high-spirited experiences that bring players together.

For more information, visit the official website.

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