Wargaming Sydney takes top honours at the 2021 Australian Game Developer Awards

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Thursday 7th October: Wargaming Sydney, Australia’s largest AAA games development studio, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Adam Lancman’ and ‘Rising Star’ Awards at GCAP’s 2021 Australian Game Developer Awards.

The Awards are a national celebration of outstanding games and individual achievements by Australian game developers, run by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA).

Steve Wang, Wargaming Sydney General Manager, was awarded the distinguished ‘Adam Lancman Award’, which honours an individual who has helped the game industry advance to a better place, either through facilitating a better game community from within, or by reaching outside the industry to advocate for video games.

An industry veteran, Steve has helped to advance, shape, and support the Australian gaming industry for the past 37 years. His career started by co-founding Micro Forte, which oversaw the development of titles including Enemy Infestation, HotWheels Bash Arena, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

In the early 2000’s, Micro Forte created BigWorld Technology, a game engine specifically designed for building MMOs and online games and was the first company to develop such a middleware platform, with Steve in the role of COO.

In 2012, Wargaming, a BigWorld customer, saw the value of the studio’s leadership, talent and technology and acquired the studio, to which it became Wargaming Sydney.

Ron Curry, IGEA CEO, says it is an honour to award Steve the ‘Adam Lancman Award’.

“Steve is the quintessential, humble leader who shies away from the spotlight, but always makes himself available for advocacy and government facing engagement with IGEA, on behalf of the entire sector. In the past three decades, he has tirelessly advocated for, supported, and significantly shaped the Australian game development industry.

From co-founding Micro Forte, to putting Australia on the global map through BigWorld technology, to growing the next generation of talented developers at Wargaming Sydney. Steve is passionate about educating and growing the skillset of his team, and this is evident with the former staff now working in global gaming companies around the world, to hosting free monthly development meetups in the studio,” said Ron.

Ash van Wyngaard, Product Manager, also won the coveted ‘Rising Star Award’.

Passionate about supporting individuals and communities who are underrepresented and less privileged, Ash has spearheaded several initiatives, including bringing ‘Women Game Jam’ to Australia and volunteers at charities, Street Work and Share the Spark. She is also a Women in Games Ambassador.

Steve Wang said Ash is a highly deserving recipient of the Award.

“Ash is an inspirational role model to many of our staff and the broader gaming community. Ash is a formidable, driving force for positive change, and we are excited to see the impact she has made and continues to create within the industry,” said Steve.


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