Deck13 Spotlight’s Upcoming City Sim Highrise City Showcases Infrastructure & Terraforming Features in New Video

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FRANKFURT, Germany Oct. 7, 2021Highrise City, the ambitious city builder from indie developer FourExo Entertainment and publisher Deck13 Spotlight, has released a new video showcasing some of the features players will have available to them when the game releases next year on PC.

Highrise City is the next evolution of city simulation. Experience a modern take on the genre enriched with a complex, resource-based economy. The game offers challenging gameplay with all the tools you need to create a living, breathing metropolis!

Today’s video puts the focus on the infrastructure players will have to manage, including services like fire departments, police stations, garbage disposal, and, of course, power plants. But don’t forget: residents may not want to live right next to a coal-based power plant.

The second part of the video takes a look at a more spectacular feature of Highrise City: terraforming. To show off what players can do with the game’s voxel-based terrain, you’ll see flying islands and massive structures that demonstrate just how powerful the tool is. Players will have tons of creative possibilities at their fingertips to make and share with the community.

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Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany’s leading developers. Employing more than 60 people with studios located in Frankfurt, the team develops award-winning, large-scale productions for consoles and PC. With “Deck13 Spotlight,” the team established a publishing service to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences.

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