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Hold the whole world in your hands with Doodle God: Evolution; now a bundle on PlayStation 4 of Doodle God and Doodle Farm (because every self-respecting God needs a retirement plan)

Planet Earth, October 7th 2020 | JoyBits, leading cross-platform publisher and developer, is proud to announce that after successful releases on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, the global classic puzzle game, Doodle God: Evolution arrives on PlayStation 4 on 15th October 2020. A two-for-one bundle of Doodle God and Doodle Farm.

Doodle God: Evolution sees players start out by combining the four elements (air, water, fire & earth) as they set about building their very own civilization. With over 500 unlockable items, players can progress through world-building with some gusto in the preliminary stages. But they will need to have all their creative wits about them to ultimately complete the puzzle — and their world. Not to mention supporting life itself. No pressure then.

Recreating a universe may seem like a huge, godly, undertaking for just one player. Fortunately Doodle God: Evolution offers some calming — and sometimes clarifying — moments of assistance. Each time players successfully create a new item they are rewarded with an interesting scientific fact or philosophical pearl of wisdom from some of the greatest minds our world has ever known. Occasionally that advice might not be obviously helpful but, as in life itself, there’s value in the journey. It’s all about piecing things together, literally.

– Planet mode allows players to see their planet come alive as they play.
– Mission mode offers new, exciting and challenging puzzles.
– Puzzle mode tasks players with finding that all-important final object.

Doodle God: Evolution is brimming with demanding quests to complete and hundreds of interesting facts and funny, thought-provoking quotes to discover.

Available for purchase on the PlayStation store (priced £10/€10/$10) on 15th October 2020, Doodle God: Evolution offers an improved version of the much-loved puzzler Doodle God bundled with Doodle Farm!

Find more information on the Doodle God website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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JoyBits Ltd. is a pioneer in the mobile, social and casual gaming space. Founded in 2002, the company has released over 40 games including the multi-platform, award winning, global hit franchise Doodle God, enjoyed in over 100 countries and downloaded over 250,000,000 times since its initial launch.

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