Open-World RPG Sands of Salzaar’s Massive English Localization Update Launches September 22

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Open-World RPG Sands of Salzaar’s Massive English Localization Update Launches September 22

The hit early access action-strategy game officially lands in North America and Europe later this month with a sprawling campaign and hours of original story content

SHANGHAI Sept. 3, 2020 — X.D. Network and Han-Squirrel Studio have announced that the English language launch of the open-world RPG Sands of Salzaar will arrive on Sept. 22, 2020, via Steam Early Access, making it fully accessible for players in North America and Europe for the first time. Sands of Salzaar combines large- and small-scale action and strategy with epic battles, a fantastic story, and vast environments brought to life with unique hand-drawn visuals.

The Old Empire has fallen, and now rival factions compete for control of an exotic desert world filled with a variety of characters, quests and secrets. Sands of Salzaar features innovative strategy elements that offer tons of tactical and resource management choices. Recruit a mighty army up from a single unit, train them with a range of active and passive abilities, and lead them into battle against opposing cities and factions in real-time combat.

Your progression is up to you, and every playthrough offers new challenges and experiences. Customize your hero with an array of skills, pick your soldiers, and choose which factions to make your ally — and which to make your enemy.

To bring Sands of Salzaar to English-speaking audiences, the development team has worked to translate a massive script of nearly 500,000 words. The update will also feature new story content with 30 additional questlines. What’s more, the game includes full mod support via Steam Workshop, with hundreds of mods delivering new characters, custom maps, multiplayer maps, bonus difficulty modes and more available on September 22.

For more information, visit Sands of Salzaar‘s official Steam page and Discord.

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Han-Squirrel Studio is a Chinese indie developer team devoted to crafting unique games based on ancient martial arts and cultures. Through their ingenuity, many of the team’s titles have received immensely positive reception from Chinese indie game lovers and martial arts fans.

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