Acclaimed Sci-Fi Platformer MO:Astray Lands on Nintendo Switch

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Acclaimed Sci-Fi Platformer MO:Astray Lands on Nintendo SwitchTM

New Modes Debut on PC Today in Update

10 Sept. 2020 – MO:Astray, the narrative action platformer from publisher Rayark Games and developer Archpray, is now available for Nintendo Switch. A major update for the Windows PC version also springs into action today on Steam with two new game modes. 

Explore a bizarre subterranean world as MO, an amorphous being guided by strange voices ringing in its head. Traverse a mysterious lab and haunting alien locales inhabited by parasitic creatures, overcoming obstacles by utilizing MO’s ever-shifting form. Scale cliff sides, launch across chasms, and evade hazards on a journey to uncover the secret of MO’s existence. 

Master MO’s abilities in all-new game types. Race against the clock in Speed Mode, where discovering optimal routes through areas is the secret to setting record new times and achieving blisteringly-fast speed runs. Hone lightning-quick reflexes to survive the trials of Disaster Mode, which remixes the experience with deadly new environmental hazards, faster machinery, and other challenges designed to test even the most skilled platforming veterans.

Harness a range of powers to carve a path through MO’s perilous surroundings. Double jump, dash, float, and more to access new passageways, solve environmental puzzles, and uncover secrets. Unleash MO’s psychic skills by latching onto enemies to siphon their memories and unlock flashbacks that thread together and unravel an extraordinary otherworldly tale.

MO:Astray draws inspiration from a long line of console platformers and feels right at home on Nintendo Switch,” said Ching-Yi Hou, producer, Archpray. “We’re excited to share our game with a new audience today and are happy to invite our die-hard fans back to get swept up in MO’s mysterious world all over again to speedrun and conquer the new challenge mode.”

MO:Astray is out now on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 with support for English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean language options. A Speedrunning competition with a $3,300 prize pool is also underway. Starting today until Oct. 10, players can compete for prizes in the new Speed Mode. To learn more about the contest, check out this site for details.

For more information about MO:Astray, please visit the official website and join the community by following the game for the latest updates on Twitter and Facebook.

About Rayark Games

Founded in 2011, Rayark is a passionate team dedicated to creating high-quality gaming experiences and digital content on various platforms. Rayark is best known for its critically-acclaimed rhythm games, including the Cytus series, VOEZ, and DEEMO -Reborn-, now available on PlayStation 4.

To learn more about Rayark Games, please visit the official website.

About Archpray

Archpray was established in 2017 by a team of former classmates. A continuation of their graduation project, MO:Astray is the studio’s debut title, and the group is eager to continue creating evocative and inspiring games for players around the world to experience.

For more about Archpray, check out their official website.

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