Cracked Crusaders Leaves the Farm, Crawls to iOS, Android Dungeons on Nov. 5

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Cracked Crusaders Leaves the Farm, Crawls to iOS, Android Dungeons on Nov. 5

HOBART, AUSTRALIA – Oct. 22, 2019 – Cracked Crusaders, the fast-paced dungeon-crawling platformer from developer Webbysoft, begins its quest on Nov. 5 for iOS and Android.

The shepherd Milton, his loyal sheep-dog Holly, and duck friend Dory take up arms when evil critters invade Lachy Valley and abduct their beloved flock of sheep. Fortunately, the wizard Lumbario assists the trio, guiding their adventure to Limsburg, where they will delve into dangerous dungeons to defeat the evil forces.

Starting with a simple sword, Milton and company venture into more than 100 levels teeming with fearsome foes and perilous hazards across five different worlds. Collect the map to uncover all the secrets in each level, then find and slay the dungeon master! Complete levels quickly enough and defeat all enemies to earn stars to buy new weapons and upgrades.

No matter your preference, the blacksmith offers something suited for everyone’s tastes, selling weapons with different attack speeds, properties such as jump damage, and elemental effects improving strength in some worlds. Meanwhile, additional equipment such as double-jump boots help navigate, and health upgrades keep our champions in the heat of battle.

Cracked Crusaders’ heroes will need every advantage they can get; the dozen bosses run the gamut of nimble foes to seemingly-invincible screen-filling monstrosities with specific weak points. Each conquered boss puts the trio one step closer to finding their sheep and discovering who was behind the heinous heist.  

Comic-style panes flesh out the humorous narrative sequences, with a bonus ending for those who get all 300 stars in the 10-plus hour campaign, while a pumping house soundtrack compliments the exhilarating gameplay.

Cracked Crusaders combines everything gamers like me love from dungeon-crawling, to platforming, and awesome tunes,” said Luke Webster, Founder, Webbysoft. “I even made my dog Holly a playable character and incorporated my favorite parts of Tasmania. Cracked Crusaders is special for me, but I also know everyone will have as much fun playing this action-packed experience, as I did designing it.”

Cracked Crusaders releases on Nov. 5 as a free download on the App Store and Google Play with support for English language text. A one-time in-app purchase removes ads, unlocks Holly and Dory as playable characters, and offers extra skins for each hero. The soundtrack by Koh-dee will be available on Spotify alongside the game’s release. 

For more information on Cracked Crusaders, visit the game’s official website and follow Webbysoft’s Luke Webster on Twitter.

About Webbysoft

Webbysoft is the home for the original games created by artist and game design teacher Luke Webster in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Founded in 2018, Webster is inspired by his home of Tasmania, the sheep farm he lives on, and his dog Holly. Webster provides game design, programming, and art while coordinating with talented external professionals to help round out his games, intending to grow with each new game.

Outside of original titles for Webbysoft, Webster is the artist on Wildfire, for which he received an Honorable Mention in Excellence in Art from the Australian Game Developer Awards. Webster also creates art for children’s books and teaches game design to high school students.

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