ARK: Survival Evolved’s Second Expansion Aberration Released

Out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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Studio Wildcard has released “Aberration,” the second expansion DLC for their dinosaur filled survival game ARK: Survival Evolved. “Aberration” is set in the dark underground of a malfunctioning ARK, where a powerful sun has scorched the surface into a radioactive wasteland incapable of supporting life. Instead, the wildlife and the survivors have adapted to live in the multitude of underground caves. Players will not only have to survive the usual dangers of hostile creatures and other players, they will also need to survive a wide range of environmental hazards like earthquakes. In addition to the new map, “Aberration” also adds over 50 new creatures to the game that are based on the new setting.

While the new expansion is playable offline, official servers for “Aberration” are going live soon for PlayStation 4 and PC according to the latest tweet, with Xbox One servers coming soon.

ARK: Survival Evolved “Aberration” is part of the Season Pass. It is also available alone for $19.99 USD on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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