JCB Pioneer: Mars Bringing Realistic Colonization to Steam Early Access

Game developed in partnership with Dr. Maggie Lieu, a research fellow at the European Space Agency, and JCB

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Atomicom announced their hardcore survival PC game JCB Pioneer: Mars will hit Steam Early Access in Winter 2017 (Summer 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere). Developed with guidance from astrophysicist Dr. Maggie Lieu, a research fellow at the European Space Agency; JCB Pioneer: Mars is setting its sights on being a realistic take on what early colonization of the Mars may actually look like. Atomicon also partnered with engineers from construction equipment firm JCB to create a variety of construction and mining vehicles that could believably find their way to Mars.

Players are among the first colonists send to Mars in hopes of finding a new home for humanity as Earth begins to collapse. They will start off in the wreckage of their landing pod. To have any hope of survival, they will need to quickly establish their first colony and secure their supply of oxygen. The colony will need a constant stream of materials for research, construction, and repairs as players contend with Mars’ hostile environment.

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