Pre-Registration Starts for Raze: Dungeon Arena

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Pre-Registration Starts for Raze: Dungeon Arena

Dark, dungeon-crawling Action RPG coming soon to mobile devices 

GUANGZHOU – June 20, 2017 – Mobile games company WONDER has announced today that pre-registration has begun for Raze: Dungeon Arena, a dark apocalyptic fantasy-style ARPG coming to iOS and Android devices in August 2017.

Players who pre-register for Raze: Dungeon Arena can claim special rewards that include:

  • Basic Pack (upon reaching 1,000 pre-registrants)
    Enhance Stone x1
    LV20 Equip Blueprint x2
    EXP Potion(M) x2
  • Luxury Pack (upon reaching 5,000 pre-registrants)
    Potion x3
    LV30 Equip Blueprint x3
    Lucky Potion(1h) x2
  • Supreme Pack (upon reaching 10,000 pre-registrants)
    Lucky Potion(2h) x3
    LV40 Equip Blueprint x3
    Excellent Enhance Stone x3
  • Hero Pack (upon reaching 50,000 pre-registrants)
    Lucky Potion(4h) x2
    LV50 Weapon Blueprint x3
    Grosvenor x5

Go to Raze: Dungeon Arena’s official pre-registration website for more information and to complete the pre-registration process.

About Raze: Dungeon Arena

Raze: Dungeon Arena is a fast-paced, hack-n-slash­-style RPG with a range of multiplayer and guild gameplay modes. Featuring advanced Unity 3D graphics, fast and flexible gameplay, and a diverse collection of characters and maps, the visually stunning game sets a new standard for mobile gaming.

Explore and conquer the dark, apocalyptic fantasy world of Raze: Dungeon Arena through its varied cast of 24 total playable characters. Battles are fast and fluid and occur in three dimensions with deep, flexible manual control and no enemy auto-lock. Do you have what it takes? Enter the arena and prove your mettle against all who oppose you!

Raze: Dungeon Arena is coming in August 2017 for iOS and Android devices and will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Visit the Raze: Dungeon Arena official Facebook page for more information and updates about the game.

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