Parkour Platformer ‘Super Cloudbuilt’ Leaps Onto PC, PS4 on July 25th, Xbox One on July 28th

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Parkour Platformer ‘Super Cloudbuilt’ Leaps Onto PC, PS4 on July 25th, Xbox One on July 28th

Pre-orders available soon in U.S., available now in Europe

Teesside, England – June 27, 2017 ­– Developer Coilworks and publisher Double Eleven announced today that Super Cloudbuilt, the blazing-fast sci-fi parkour platformer, will make the leap to PlayStation 4® and Windows PC via Steam on July 25th, with an arrival on Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system from Microsoft, following on July 28th.

Pre-orders in the U.S. are coming soon on PlayStation 4, and anyone who opts for the head-start will gain access to a demo which includes a tutorial, three levels from the full game and the Playground practice arena. With Super Cloudbuilt’s emphasis on shaving off tenths of a second to reach the top of each stage’s leaderboard, the demo is a fantastic chance to start discovering routes to stay ahead of the competition.

Originally launched on PC in 2014 as Cloudbuilt, Coilworks and Double Eleven have fully remastered the experience, from enhancements to base mechanics to the stunning visuals throughout the game’s futuristic setting.

Super Cloudbuilt challenges players to guide Demi, a young soldier who awakens in a stretch of overgrown ruins, through stages demanding split-second platforming precision and a steady hand with Demi’s blaster above a bottomless void. Demi learns more about her new surroundings as players hurtle their way through this world toward one of the game’s multiple endings.

Between its Story, Ranked and Rush modes, alternate visual styles, and a total of 177 distinct challenges, Super Cloudbuilt offers a wealth of content for players to chase incredible clear times in, whether they’re keen on improving their own records or topping those of their leaderboard rivals.

For more information on Super Cloudbuilt, follow @doubleelevenltd on Twitter or check out

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Coilworks is a small indie developer, based in Sweden. In 2011, after graduating university, Coilworks was formed with the intention of creating new play experiences for core gamers, with a focus on challenging and engaging gameplay. They released their first title, Cloudbuilt, to Steam in 2014.

Double Eleven is a UK-based indie publisher and developer of interactive digital entertainment. Some of Double Eleven’s most popular titles include the PixelJunk series (PC), Goat Simulator (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4) and having recently released their critically acclaimed edition of the Prison Architect for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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