Adventure Game Beat The Game Gets Mistik and Moss Character Video

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Adventure Game Beat The Game Gets Mistik and Moss Character Video

Worm Animation have released a new video for Beat The Game that focuses on the game’s hero, Mistik, and the mysterious tree figure, Moss. The video showcases Beat The Game’s beautiful hand-drawn character style that draws influence from the European surrealists like Dali and Ernst, while also making clear the Worm Animation’s pedigree in film animation, notably their contribution to Oscar nominated short film, Gopher Broke.

Mistik is a music producer who makes beats for a living. Equipped with his trusty sampler, he travels to create new sounds out of everyday objects, from a simple wooden stick to a metal can. Mistik doesn’t adhere to our concepts of dimension, distance, time or space because he lives in a dream world, a musician’s dream. Beat The Game’s second character, the hulking Moss, is a bassline maker who lives underground, only making himself visible at night. While Moss doesn’t make entire tracks, his basslines are exactly what Mistik needs to give his tracks that extra kick and bump in energy. Together, and with other characters, Mistik and Moss form a colourful cast in a bizarre world driven by the love of music.

About Beat The Game
Worm Animation take players on a journey with Mistik — the hero of Beat The Game — to uncover the mysterious, abstract universe he finds himself in after a motorbike crash. Mistik is a music producer. Armed with a trusty recorder, his goal is to collect the samples scattered around the game’s beautiful, dream-like environments in order to create the ultimate track. Esteemed house and techno producer, Marc Houle, is scoring the soundtrack, ensuring the player is capable of making anything from mellow, dusty rollers to upbeat, acid house. With a cast of warm, funny characters and a visual style that draws on classic animation, Beat The Game is a timeless journey about the joy of creating music.

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