This ten-year-old game is celebrating its fourth anniversary

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This ten-year-old game is celebrating its fourth anniversary

Four years in, Old School RuneScape’s authentic 2007 PvP gameplay is attracting more players than ever and celebrating its birthday in style.

Thursday 16th February 2017, Cambridge, UK – It’s time to party like it’s 2007 as Old School RuneScape, the revived and original vanilla MMORPG, marks its fourth anniversary with in-game celebrations, additional world servers for its increasing player base, and the announcement of its next high-profile eSports tournament.

Introduced in February 2013, Old School RuneScape takes players back in time to deliver a recreation of Jagex’s iconic MMORPG as it was 10 years ago. Since its resurrection, Old School RuneScape has continued to embrace, celebrate, and expand on its origins to provide a truly nostalgic PvP experience for its growing legions of players.

Old School RuneScape is treating itself to a birthday present with the addition of multiple new world servers. Adding more space to the game world to satisfy the expanding player numbers, the new servers will enable tens of thousands more to join with the hundreds of thousands who play the vintage MMO every day.

From today, Old School RuneScape is also hosting an in-game event that invites players to don their party hats and make merry with iconic game characters such as Party Pete and King Roald, and ultimately receive birthday-themed rewards.

For such an authentically low-fi game, Old School RuneScape continues to build a high profile presence in eSports. Premiered in 2016, Old School RuneScape’s Deadman tournaments offer the ultimate in high-risk, high-reward as players compete in an unrelenting, player-vs-player survival game mode.

Deadman Invitational 5, the first of 2017’s tournaments, is now open for registration. This hardcore competitive gaming tournament will see players fight to the death, with a 2000:1 chance of survival, in a bid to secure a $10,000 prize. Players can now register their interest in Deadman Invitational 5, which will see the final take place at ESL studio 1 in Leicester, UK, on the 25th March.

“This year is a double anniversary for Old School RuneScape; not only does the game celebrate its fourth birthday, but it’s also the 10th anniversary of the ‘snapshot’ server we used to bring Old School to life,” said Mathew Kemp, producer, Old School RuneScape.

“We certainly wouldn’t be here without the level of support and commitment from our community and, as that community is growing by the day, we’re opening 12 new servers to make room for everyone. Old School’s growing player base and its impact in the competitive sector is an impressive testament to the remarkable appeal of the game and shows it’s come a long way in the last decade. But however far Old School has come, it’ll always be rooted in 2007 for us.”

About Jagex
Established in 2001, Jagex Games Studio today stands as a key UK game developer and publisher and is the home of the flagship online adventure game, RuneScape. Celebrating its 15th Year anniversary in 2016, RuneScape has welcomed over 250 million players to its world and more than two million of them play every month, while millions more watch avidly through social channels. In addition to RuneScape, Jagex has developed new RuneScape-branded games as it enters additional genres, including hardcore addition, Old School RuneScape; Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, an adventure strategy card game; and RuneScape: Idle Adventures created in partnership with Hyper Hippo, the developers of cult hit Adventure Capitalist. Jagex employs over 320 people at its Cambridge headquarters. Career information can be found at .

About Old School RuneScape
Relive the classic, challenging player vs. player adventure with Old School RuneScape, a living piece of retro online gaming where the community controls the direction of the game. Launched in 2013, Old School RuneScape was voted for by around 500,000 members of the RuneScape community, and continues to poll features on a regular basis. Relive the golden age of Jagex’s medieval fantasy world and reclaim your lost adventures at

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