Dual Universe Establishes New Grounds for Voxel Based Construction Style Gameplay

Novaquark reveals one-of-a-kind voxel building & crafting game mechanics at Pax West with Dual Universe new construct video

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Dual Universe Establishes New Grounds for Voxel Based Construction Style Gameplay

Novaquark reveals one-of-a-kind voxel building & crafting game mechanics at Pax West with Dual Universe new construct video

Paris, France, September 1, 2016 – Paris-based game studio Novaquark, the developer behind upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG Dual Universe, has revealed today a new video showcasing the game’s unique and original construction gameplay based on voxel technology, allowing players to build vehicles, cities, spaceships and orbital stations. Illustrating part of the demo that is presented this weekend in Seattle during Pax West (Booth 6816), the “construct” video, demonstrates in detail how players can build a functional spaceship from scratch using raw material and building tools.

“Continuing to exhibit the advancement of Dual Universe’s development, it’s exciting to share with our fans the centerpiece of Dual Universe gameplay. Constructs are an essential composition of Dual Universe and empowers the community with the tools to create a unique environment and shape the world to their liking using their imagination. We are inviting everyone attending Pax West to come and experience with us how Dual Universe allow players to freely edit the world and build any construction they like with no size restrictions”, says Jean-Christophe Baillie, founder and president of Novaquark.

Novaquark has released the Construct video, which can be viewed here:

Dual Universe is an upcoming Sci-Fi sandbox MMOPRG taking place in a vast universe, and focusing on massively emergent gameplay. Players are free to create their own economic or political systems, gather in organizations and explore the procedurally generated world for resources and opportunities. Quite uniquely, players are also able to modify the voxel-based world: create cities, various scriptable constructs like vehicles, space ships or giant orbital station, with no limit in size or ambition. All players share the same gigantic “continuous single shard” universe: there is only one reality, one world, giving birth to emergent organizations and player specializations around activities like building, politics, security, piracy, space colonization and exploration, logistics, harvesting, manufacturing or industry production. Dual universe is a game where players are invited to rebuild civilizations together.

Dual Universe Gameplay Features

  • Boundless Massively Multiplayer Game: potentially millions of players can share the same universe at the same time. One world, no boundaries, no zones, no instances.
  • Rich emergent gameplay mechanisms enable players to create their own societies.
  • Fully editable world: dig, deploy, craft, create and shape almost everything.
  • Giant player-made ships and constructions can be inhabited and host large crews.
  • Immersive first person view in a futuristic sci-fi universe.
  • Realistic in-game economy (based on market orders and financial tools).
  • Scriptable constructions (ships, buildings, etc.) using LUA: players can build their own piloting, AI or factory automation.

Technological Features

  • Continuous Single-Shard Cluster: the technology behind the “Boundless” MMO approach.
  • Procedurally generated planets, revealed as players explore further and further.
  • 25cm precision voxel technology to modify the environment or construct buildings/ships
  • Unlimited LOD (Level of Detail) technology allows planet-sized construction to be built
  • 64bit Planetary Engine: Smooth transitions from planet surfaces, through atmosphere and into space with no limits to how far the player can travel or see.

About Novaquark

Novaquark is a Paris-based game studio formed in 2014 by veterans from Ubisoft, Sony, Apple, Aldebaran Robotics, with a mission to renew the MMO genre through technological innovation. Dual Universe, their flagship title, fosters massively emergent gameplay in a huge continuous single-shard virtual world. The studio is currently hiring experienced and motivated candidates in various domains of expertise.

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