New Screenshots and Details Revealed for Koei Tecmo’s Berserk

Casca and Judea confirmed as playable characters

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Koei Tecmo has released some new details for their upcoming Berserk title including the reveal that, as many expected Casca, and Judeau will be playable characters alongside Guts and Griffith when the game is released in Japan on September 21st for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3. A Western release of the game has already been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC though no release window has been given.

In Berserk the longer players fight in combat the more brutal their attacks will become, with players eventually being able to split enemies in two with a single attack and face down monsters known as “Apostles” that will stand in your way. These foes will be so powerful that players will need to adapt to fit their combat style as their usual tactics will likely not work on most of these difficult enemies. Thankfully Guts is equipped with his famous “Dragonslayer” as well as a number of other weapons including a cannon on his artificial arm and a rapid-fire crossbow.

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