7 New Pokemon Leaked From Sun & Moon

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The two new Pokemon games Sun and Moon were scheduled to get some information later tonight but it seems that some, or perhaps all of that information has leaked online early with 7 new Pokemon being revealed.

These images have been taken from individual leaked videos and while nothing has been 100% confirmed, with the video footage this is almost guaranteed to be legit. We will update with typing and any special abilities when they become available. Pokemon Sun & Moon are due out for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th.

Cutiefly – Bug/Fairy type.


Tapukoko РElectric/Fairy type. It has a new ability called Elekimaker which makes the field have an electric effect  when it is sent out like the move Electric Terrain would cause. This means electric moves do 50% more damage and Pokemon in contact with the ground can not be put to sleep.


Bruxish – Water/Psychic type. It has a new and possibly very powerful ability called Dazzle, which prevents any priority moves from hitting Bruxish.


Chargabug – Electric/Bug


Togederamu – Electric/Steel type.


Drago – Normal/Dragon type. Has the new ability Frenzy which can increase special attack under certain conditions.


Vikavolt – Electric/Bug type. It is confirmed to evolve from Chargabug.


UPDATE – The official trailer has been released confirming all these Pokemon are 100% real alongside their types. New video has been embedded below.

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