Award-Winning Technological Singularity Author David Simpson, Launches New Sci-Fi Series

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Award-Winning Technological Singularity Author David Simpson, Launches New Sci-Fi Series

Plymouth, MI. – May 3, 2016 – Best selling Post-Human series author, David Simpson, launched a new sci-fi series today.  The new book, Dawn of the Singularity, is set in the near future and follows the conflict between those who embrace a post-technological Singularity future in which humanity and strong AI work together and those who envision the more traditional view of humanity’s future.

Distributed by Fearless Publishing, Dawn of the Singularity is available for pre-order via Amazon Kindle and will be released on May 12.

Dawn of the Singularity provided the backstory for the recently released, award-winning strategy game, Ashes of the Singularity which follows humanity’s struggles after the technological singularity.  The technological singularity, which occurs after Dawn of the Singularity but well before Ashes of the Singularity posits a point in time in which artificial intelligence surpasses that of natural humans.

“I’m really excited about this book,” said David Simpson. “With Dawn of the Singularity we can walk the reader through step-by-step one possible scenario that the technological singularity manifests.”

Dawn of the Singularity begins in the near future with the rise of the first strong-AI and the inevitable conflict between those that see it as a harbinger of humanity’s doom and those who see it as mankind’s greatest ally.

“The book really brings into sharp contrast the assumptions we’ve had for decades on how we thought the future would play out versus how the future will probably actually play out,” said Simpson.  “When we watch Sci-Fi shows, we always assume that the future will be human beings flying across the stars in space ships with the computer being little more than a glorified personal assistant.  I think it’s becoming more clear to people that AI will be a lot more than something that gives us directions or tells us what the atmospheric content on Rigel IV is.”

Dawn of the Singularity is available for pre-order on Kindle for $4.99, along with a printed version that is available from Amazon for $12.99. The Kindle version will be widely available on May 12.

About Fearless Publishing

Fearless Publishing is a publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Located in Plymouth Michigan, the first book launched from this publisher is Dawn of the Singularity.

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