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Multiplayer VR Game Project for HTC Vive Delivers Futuristic Head-to-Head Matches Inspired by Pong Gameplay

SAN MATEO, CAApril 28, 2016 – Colopl NI, the San Mateo-based VR and mobile studio, today announced it has released its first VR game, the multiplayer paddle ball game, colopl Cyperpong VR™, for the HTC Vive. In Cyberpong VR, players face off head-to-head for spirited Cyberpong matches, using a pair of paddles to propel a ball into the opponent’s goal. Integrating elements of racquetball, pinball and soccer with a cyber reality twist, Cyberpong contests give VR gamers a socially engaging new venue for two-player gameplay in real time—for pure fun or for serious bragging rights.

In the game’s futuristic setting, the minimalist virtual world of Cyberpong has become the new sports proving ground as players from around the world compete to become Cyberpong champion. The game’s single player mode offers fast-paced contests complete with power-ups as players direct balls to destroy a series of blocks while protecting their own goal to keep the ball from going out of play. In multiplayer, players face a tougher challenge: defeating wily human opponents to level up their skills. Players can choose from four player avatars, each of which has a unique style of paddle.

Cyberpong VR takes the core experience of classic paddle ball games and brings it to life in an immersive and futuristic game world fully controlled by the player,” said Jikhan Jung, CEO of colopl NI. “Our goal is to create engaging social VR experiences such as what Cyberpong VR provides through its intuitive head-to-head action and easily relatable game style.”

Cyberpong VR was developed and published by colopl NI’s San Mateo, CA studio, which has been staffing up with VR-focused development talent from Silicon Valley to forge new VR games. The title is available now for the HTC Vive on Steam for MSRP $14.99, with a special 10% discount during launch week for just $13.49.

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About colopl NI, Inc.

Colopl NI, Inc. is a United States studio of Tokyo-based mobile gaming leader, colopl, Inc. Based in San Mateo, California, colopl NI develops and publishes Social VR titles and free-to-play smartphone games that cater to the Western market. The colopl group has been highly active in the VR industry with two titles released in conjunction with the official Oculus launch and a $50M fund to support VR companies in Japan and abroad. For more information, please visit


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