From retro to cutting edge: Developing the visual style for a Martian adventure

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From retro to cutting edge: Developing the visual style for a Martian adventure

Overon Station explains the visual directions and differences of their upcoming sci-fi adventure, Dome City with stunning artworks.

BUDAPEST, Hungary – Thursday 3rd March, 2016 – Hungarian developer studio Overon Station is pleased to reveal highly detailed concept artworks of their Martian adventure game, Dome City showcasing its diverse visual style. Two of the most important locations appear on the concepts; the sharp contrast between the spaceship (TC-08 “Tessa”) and Lanita, the city has a defining storytelling role.

“We’re aiming for a futuristic contrast; Tessa is based on nowaday’s future vision, resembling to cutting edge technology’s clear, elegant design with rounded shapes, lightweight plastic-like materials. Looking at the city’s visuals, it’s inspired by the 60’s “retro-futuristic” concept – huge, robust buildings, angular shapes, concrete and heavy materials everywhere. It’s a journey to the past for the protagonists, as they’re too young to remember the times when it was popular.” – shared Peter Kovacs, the Lead Concept Artist. “We’ve worked hard to differentiate the important locations, but in the end, all spot has a unique visual appearance.”

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About Dome City

Dome City is a story-oriented sci-fi adventure game in first person view where choice actually matters. You’re the leader of three young space cadets stuck in an abandoned yet haunted city on Mars. Guide the team through tough decisions, investigate the curious events, try to survive and escape!

The first person view single player escapade is developed under Unreal Engine 4, based on a Hungarian sci-fi novel. Release will first come to PC in Q2 2017, but planned to be ported to Xbox One and PS4 too later on.

About Overon Station

Overon Station Entertainment Studios was formed in September, 2014 with a goal of making story-oriented video games which can be enjoyed by all. The young yet really enthusiastic team from Hungary teamed up to bring fresh blood to the traditional PC industry with their professional background and innovative spirit. Cooperating with great artists, composers and writers Overon Station excited to galvanize life into exceptional stories that aren’t well known yet.

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