SUPERHOT Release Date Announced

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Begun in 2013 as the child of a seven day game jam before becoming a popular Kickstarter campaign, SUPERHOT has finally announced a release date: February 25th. Developed and published by the Polish SUPERHOT team, SUPERHOT is a stylish and unique entry to the crowded field of FPS games.

Described as a ‘time-bending shooter’; SUPERHOT has the player dodge bullets, pluck weapons from fallen foes, and fight their way through hordes of unrelenting enemies, all within a delightfully stylized environment. What makes SUPERHOT interesting is its focus on the player planning their next move carefully instead of relying on quick reflexes. It encourages this with a simple mechanic: time only moves when you move. Combined with any damage spelling your doom, an immediate restart, and the lack of convenient ammo drops, it makes for an often frenetic game as you carefully dance through the hypnotic hail of bullets, plotting each step and attack carefully.

SUPERHOT Release Date Teaser.mp4_20160201_191111.453

The announcement trailer is available to watch below, and once the bullet-dodging, Matrix-like game play has you hooked, it is available for preorder on SUPERHOT’s website here.


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