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Competitive RTS Rereleases on PC as Grey Goo Definitive Edition, Featuring All DLC and Complete Original Soundtrack for New Low Price of $29.99

HOUSTON and LAS VEGAS – Feb. 1, 2016 – Grey Box, Six Foot, and developer Petroglyph have released a new expansion for Grey Goo®, now available as a free update on PC. “Descent of the Shroud” evolves the competitive, sci-fi, real-time strategy (RTS) game with a new, fully designed faction, playable in both multiplayer and offline skirmish mode against the AI. A new single-player campaign mission, taking place after the events of the main story, introduces and sets the stage for war against the Shroud, an enigmatic species that grows its units and structures, one which now threatens all life on Ecosystem 9.

“Descent of the Shroud” also brings new units to the game’s three original races. Betas can now deploy the Squall, a ranged ground unit with a knockback effect. The Goo Siphon drains health from enemies and transfers it to allies. And the Humans’ Valiant AI bot can deploy a shield that redirects damage away from friendly allies toward itself.

In addition, Grey Goo has relaunched as the Grey Goo Definitive Edition. This updated title, on Steam now for the permanently reduced price of $29.99, includes the original game, the previously released DLC campaign – “Emergence,” the “Descent of the Shroud” DLC, and Grey Goo’s expanded, complete soundtrack.

Grey Goo unites the best elements of classic RTS design with modern gameplay and production enhancements. Emphasizing tactical base-building and unit management, the game now features four distinct factions, each with their own units, structures and tech trees, across a sprawling single-player campaign and four-player local (LAN) and online multiplayer. Grey Goo has been actively supported since launch with DLC, free maps, terrain editor upgrades, a spectator mode, replay mode and dedicated multiplayer servers.

Grey Goo Definitive Edition is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. For additional information, please visit, and follow the game on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

About Grey Box

Grey Box is a new video game publishing brand. Championing the ideas that video games are an influential art form and players should be treated as sophisticated consumers, Grey Box aims to set a unique standard for quality in interactive entertainment.

About Petroglyph

Petroglyph is an independent game development studio in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. The studio was founded in 2003 by industry veterans whose roots reach as far back as Dune II and the original Command & Conquer series. Petroglyph has a decade of experience developing award-winning strategy games using their proprietary GLYPHX Online engine and technology.  For more information about Petroglyph, please visit

About Six Foot

Six Foot develops, produces, and distributes original entertainment properties across multiple lines of business and platforms. We evaluate and execute business opportunities in existing and emerging markets that may go unnoticed by more traditional companies. Grounded by our past, and inspired by the future, Six Foot builds the kind of experiences that provoke others to think and create.

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