Siren Visual’s ‘Monster’ Box Set Is Now Shipping Again

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Siren Visual announced on November 6, 2015, that their box set of the Monster anime was no longer in stock. They originally hoped that there would be a second print run within just a few weeks of that announcement, but this did not happen. They then hoped to at least be able to have new copies available before Christmas, but their manufacturer was still unable to produce more copies in time. The manufacturer recently informed Siren Visual that new copies would be delivered to them on Wednesday. The problem turned out to be that the job was not entered into the system properly, meaning that no new copies were being produced at all until someone discovered the mistake. Just three hours ago, Siren Visual announced that new copies of the box set are now shipping to customers again.

Customers who pre-ordered this release between November and today, the 8th of January, 2016, will receive an unknown free item along with the box set. The box set contains all 74 episodes with dual audio options and English subtitles across 15 discs.

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