Super Evil Megacorp Launches Vainglory Autumn Season 2015 with over USD 125.000 in Prizes!

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Super Evil Megacorp Launches Vainglory Autumn Season 2015 with over USD 125.000 in Prizes!

San Mateo, Calif. – 28th September 2015 – Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of Vainglory, the hit MOBA perfected for touch screens, will begin its inaugural Autumn Season with update 1.9 launching on October 1 along with countless new features. The launch of Seasons introduces Teams and Guilds, meaning players of any level can socialize within Vainglory and compete for fun or for real prizes, totaling more than USD 125.000 this season. Update 1.9 also includes a new hero, Phinn, several new seasonally-themed skins and a limited time only map. Throughout the month of October, iOS players will have free access to hero Celeste, while hero Taka is available for free for Android players.

Autumn Season 2015

Beginning with this update, Vainglory will feature a seasonal competition structure. Autumn 2015 is the first season, which will last from early October until early January. All players have three months to earn the highest possible skill tier and other achievements to fill their Autumn 2015 trophy room, and at the end of each season, all trophies will appear in players’ Vainglory profiles. There will also be tons other limited edition content for players to enjoy each including seasonal maps, skins and more.

The Guild System

The Vainglory Guild system is designed to give players a supportive social system within the game and make it easier for them to find like-minded, reliable players to battle. All future Guild rewards will be based on dedication and participation. All players within a Guild must hail from the same server-region but can choose whether to be a public or invite-only team. Members can easily communicate with other Guild members through chat. Guilds can be formed by using Glory or ICE and in the beginning can include up to 20 members. By being active, Guilds can unlock the ability to add up to 50 members. Finally, Guilds can soon organize Vainglory Community Meets (VGC) with special support and swag from the Super Evil team. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Team System

The Team-system is made up of players who want to play competitively and can be set up using Glory or ICE with a maximum of six players from the same region. A helpful Team-only chat is available for easy communication and strategizing. Team members will have team tags when playing as a party that will show up in-game. Team skill tier will help determine tournament seed when signing up for regional Vainglory qualifiers.

New hero

The Autumn Season 2015 launch will include new hero, Phinn, who is an unstoppable tank that thrives on the defensive side. Phinn is able to absorb an immense amount of punishment, protecting teammates while they dish out damage to opponents. Petal and Celeste will have limited-edition skins that can be unlocked throughout update 1.9 and Krul Tier II and Taka Tier II skins will also be available. Finally, The Halcyon Fold will be completely updated with an Autumn themed map.

Autumn eSports Schedule-at-a-Glance:

  • The 1.9 Update that includes Seasons goes live October 1
  • In Europe and North America, the second Vainglory League Qualifier Tournament will begin November 1 with a prize pool totaling USD 15.000
  • The EU and NA Live Finals (eight teams from the qualifier tournaments) will be played in-person, with a prize pool of USD 30.000.
  • The Autumn Vainglory International Premier League (VIPL), with USD 80.000 in prize money, will begin in late November in Korea and run until the end of December. Similar tournaments and leagues will begin in other regions soon 

Vainglory is available for free for iOS devices through the Apple App Store, on Google Play for Android devices and the Amazon App Store.

About Super Evil Megacorp:

Super Evil Megacorp is a team of masters-at-their-craft game developers from companies including Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and Rockstar Games. They strive to be the best home for core-gaming talent, committed to crafting unapologetically core 1,000+ hour gaming experiences for touch screens. The company’s first title Vainglory, an intense real-time multiplayer battle game perfected for touch, was selected as one the App Store’s Best Apps of 2014. Super Evil Megacorp has raised $41M in funding from backers including General Catalyst, Signia Venture Partners, CrossCut Ventures, Initial Capital, The Raine Group and ZhenFund. For more information, visit and

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