2K Announces Free Weekend of Evolve™ on Xbox One, Windows PC

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2K Announces Free Weekend of Evolve™ on Xbox One, Windows PC

Free Meteor Goliath adaptation available for all players September 3, 2015 

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Sydney, Australia – September 2, 2015 2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced today a free weekend* of Evolve™, the 4v1 shooter in which four Hunters cooperatively fight to take down a single-player controlled Monster, on Xbox One and Windows PC. This coming weekend, new players are invited to experience the wealth of content in Evolve, ranging from four playable Monsters and 18 playable Hunters across four unique classes, to five game modes and 19 maps at no cost. Following the free weekend, players can purchase the full game to retain their progress.

In addition to the free weekend of Evolve, Meteor Goliath, a free adaptation of the iconic Goliath Monster, will also be available permanently for all Evolve players on September 3, 2015. As Evolve’s first adaptation, Meteor Goliath features an alternate character variant that combines new looks, effects, audio and gameplay into a stunning, blue-fire wrapped package. Whereas the original Goliath excels at focusing on one Hunter at a time, Meteor Goliath spreads his attacks using increased range and residual fire damage, while showcasing the following rebalanced abilities:

  • Rock Throw now travels faster and lights enemies on fire;
  • Leap Smash has increased range and lights enemies on fire;
  • Fire Breath has increased range and emits blue flames;
  • Charge has a longer duration and lights enemies on fire.

For complete details on Meteor Goliath, visit the Evolve blog: http://evolvegame.com/news/evolve-free-weekend-and-meteor-goliath-release

Those who currently own Evolve are also encouraged to participate in the free weekend to experience Meteor Goliath and the recently released Hunt 2.0. Released on August 11, 2015, Hunt 2.0 is an update providing significant improvements to the popular Hunt mode experience with improved matchmaking, revamped leaderboards, and more. In Hunt 2.0, players can choose to play exclusively as a Monster or Hunter, while never having to join a match already in progress.

This weekend, all Evolve players can experience the currently available DLC characters for free on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system§ and Windows PC. Starting at 5:01 PM AEST on September 4, 2015 all Evolve players will gain access to the playable characters included in Evolve Hunting Season 1|| and the playable Behemoth Monster for 24 hours. Starting at 5:01 PM AEST on September 5, 2015, all Evolve players will gain access to the available playable characters from Evolve Hunting Season 2# for 24 hours.

About Evolve

From Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead, comes Evolve, the highly anticipated shooter in which four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in adrenaline-pumping 4v1 matches. Play as the Monster to use savage abilities and an animalistic sense to kill your human enemies, or choose one of four Hunter classes (Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support) and team up to take down the beast on the planet Shear, where flora and fauna act as an adversary to man and Monster alike. Level up to unlock new Hunter or Monster characters as well as upgrades, skins, and perks. Earn your infamy on the leaderboards and become the apex predator.

Evolve is now available worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation®4 system, and Windows PC. Evolve is rated MA15+ by the Australian Classification Board and R13 by the New Zealand OFLC. For more information on Evolve, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, subscribe on YouTube and visit http://www.Evolvegame.com.

* Xbox Live Gold membership or Steam account and Internet connection required. Additional in-game content available (sold separately). 

† Xbox One free weekend begins at 5:01pm AEST on September 4, 2015 and ends at 4:59 PM AEST on September 7, 2015. Windows PC free weekend begins at 5:00pm PM AEST on September 3, 2015 and ends at 3:00 AM AEST on September 8, 2015. 

‡ Retained progress does not include DLC characters unlocked during free weekend. 

  • PlayStation®Network account and Internet connection required. Copy of Evolve required to play. Additional in-game content available (sold separately). 

|| Evolve Hunting Season 1 characters include Torvald (Assault class), Crow (Trapper class), Slim (Medic class) and Sunny (Support class). 

# Evolve Hunting Season 2 characters currently available include Lennox (Assault class) and Jack (Trapper class).

2K is a wholly owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

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