Alienware joins forces with Zero Latency to bring virtual reality to life

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Alienware joins forces with Zero Latency to bring virtual reality to life

  • Alienware partners with Zero Latency to bring virtual reality experience to life
  • Zero Latency launches in Melbourne providing fully immersive virtual reality gaming experiences
  • Alienware Alpha custom technology powers Zero Latency gameplay experience 

SYDNEY, Australia, August 13, 2015 – Alienware, the leader in high-powered gaming systems, has partnered with Zero Latency, pioneers in free roam virtual reality, to help bring Zero Latency’s fully immersive virtual reality game to life. Utilising the Alienware Alpha system, players will be able to engage in multiplayer virtual reality gaming in 400 square metres of space, while using Zero Latency’s state of the art wireless technology and motion tracking.

“We tried building our own backpack computers in the past but they didn’t give us the compact power and performance the Alienware Alpha platform delivers. Alienware is the final piece in the platform we have developed and now we’re ready to showcase our brand new gaming platform to the world,” said Tim Ruse, director, Zero Latency VR.

Zero Latency is the only multiplayer full freedom wireless virtual reality experience and uses the latest advances in virtual reality to provide players with an unrivalled level of immersion. Players will use custom built gun controllers along with a backpack that houses the lightweight Alienware Alpha – all connected to a VR Headset.

“When we were approached by Zero Latency in February 2015, we knew it would be a perfect fit. We always aim to push the boundaries and provide gamers with the best experience possible and partnering with Zero Latency gives them the opportunity to experience the next era of gaming,” said Jeff Morris, general manager end user computing Dell Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring Co-op gameplay, players will be tasked with dragging the world back from the brink of destruction as they pit themselves against hordes of the undead or rebel raiders, racing to restore order.

Zero Latency will officially open on Saturday, 15th, August at 22-32 Steel Street, North Melbourne. Tickets start at $88 and can be purchased in advance on the Zero Latency website:

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