Rogue Legacy to have Xbox One Release

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Cellar Door Games has announced that it’s critically acclaimed “Rogue-lite” title, Rogue Legacy, will be coming to the Xbox One. If you haven’t heard of Rogue Legacy, it is a genealogical Rogue-like platformer. While it falls into the same Rogue-like genre as The Binding of Isaac, it takes a very different approach. Notably, it is a very forgiving platformer while The Binding of Isaac is a harsh 2D dungeon crawler. That is, when your character dies they lose all their money and stats. However, the genealogical aspect comes into play, in that they keep purchased skills and armor. When your character dies their next descendant takes over.


This makes Rogue Legacy a much more forgiving perma-death game, where you don’t constantly lose all your progress. The randomized characters each have different traits which make each different playthrough a challenge. Additionally, the game world is procedurally generated each time you enter the castle, leading to an ever-shifting map.

Rogue Legacy has already been released on the PlayStation Store and Steam. I greatly enjoyed my time with the title on it’s original release, where it was already optimized for control with an Xbox gamepad. Rogue Legacy will be out for Xbox One May 27th for $14.99 (USD), with a 20% sale from May 27th to June 1st. If you haven’t picked it up, I recommend it no matter what platform you buy it on.


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