D-Frag! English Dub Previewed by FUNimation

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d-frag-episode-5-screenshot- (6)

Back in January FUNimation started to reveal the English dub cast for D-Frag! and now that we are growing closer to the anime’s release date on April 28th the company has released their first English trailer for the title where we can catch a sample of the English dub.

In the video below, you’ll catch a brief summary of what D-Frag! is about, as it follows the wannabe delinquent Kazama as he is forced to join the Game Creation Club that is full of extremely strange girls after they throw a bag over his head and kidnap him. The full series is currently set to be released in a limited edition Blu-ray and DVD combo pack on April 28th for $69.98.

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