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Bandai Namco America recently held an hour long live stream featuring an all new build of Dragon Ball Xenoverse with English dialogue and we’ve sifted through all the trash to bring you the best highlights from the stream including new characters, super attacks and other details. The full live stream is also below if you have an hour and twenty minutes to sit and watch it.

  • A male Majin character was chosen to be the custom avatar for the first bit of the stream. Male Majins can ONLY be fat, however you can make them slightly slimmer or larger. You can also change their height between four options which changes their look rather dramatically. You could have black or white eyes and change the colour of your pupils and skin tone to whatever you like.
  • There were 10 different voice options for male Majins alone.
  • It seems every race has height options, allowing you to make child characters of each race. Using different body types and skin tones will allow you to make alien looking races as well.
  • As we knew, mentors rome Toki Toki City and you can approach them. It also seems custom made NPC’s will rome Toki Toki City as well but their function remains yet to be seen.
  • Saw a created character that looked like Final Form Cooler but with different colours.


  • Appule and Larsberi, two of Frieza’s lesser known henchmen from the Frieza Saga are confirmed as playable characters along with the entire Ginyu Force. It is also confirmed Frieza 1st form, Final Form and 100% Final Form will be separate characters. Frieza has his Kai voice actor.
  • You tie certain skill and attack sets to alternate outfits which can then easily be selected in the character select screen for your created character.
  • It looks like characters will have HEAPS of alternate outfits. Vegeta alone has Saiyan Saga armour with scouter, without scouter, armour with shoulder pads and armour without shoulder pads. It looks like he has more that weren’t unlocked yet. Goku seems to have 15 and Nappa has 3. Certain move sets are tied to each outfit and can’t be changed, so unfortunately it appears you won’t be able to use any move set with any outfit.
  • Clothing items will have stats tied to them (unfortunately, hope we don’t just see everyone wearing the same outfit due to stats). It said these stat buffs won’t be too major.
  • It looks like local 1 on 1 battles can only be fought on the World Tournament Stage.
  • Lots of cool combos involving teleporting, cancelling, slamming your opponent to the ground and more.
  • Created characters will speak attack names such as Kamehameha.


  • Created Saiyans can go Super Saiyan 2 and most likely Super Saiyan 3 as they stopped before revealing it. When in Super Saiyan super moves won’t drain any ki, but you’re ki meter is constantly draining.
  • Everyone can use the Kaioken technique. Kaioken x3 and x20 are available.
  • Notable new clothing items I spotted include  Bardock’s Amour, Coolers Armoured Squad Armour, Turles Armour, Android 17, 18 (skirt), Beerus, Hercules and Dr Geros.
  • Notable accessories include Gero’s Hat, 19’s Hat, Great Saiyaman Helmet, Young Chi Chi Helmet, King Kai’s Hat, General Blue’s Army Cap, Bandages the Mummy Head (from Dragon Ball). Man they are going all out with these!
  • Z soul will buff your abilities and there a number of  different ones that activate under certain conditions.
  • New Super Attacks include Power Blitz (Android 17/18), Freedom Kick (Great Saiyaman) and X10 Kamehameha (SS4 Goku). There are many others listed as well. There are over 200 special attacks.
  • Some Super Attacks will buff your stats, such as fighting poses and Great Saiyamans Pose. There is a fairly long list of these. It is stated that a very low number of moves will be usable only by certain races.
  • New Ultimate Attacks include Supernova (First Form Frieza),  Spirit Sword (Super Vegito), Minus Energy Power Ball (Omega Shenron), x100 Big Bang Kamehameha (SS4 Gogeta) and many more. Again the list is very impressive. There are also strike Ultimate Attacks, not just energy blast based moves.
  • Chris Sabat (voice of Vegeta and Piccolo) was a special guest on the live feed. He revealed he voiced a number of the custom characters and also voiced a special ‘Easter Egg’ challenge.


  • Some moves involving a sword can be equipped to your custom character and they will pull a sword out of midair (supposedly if they do not have one equipped).
  • Level 60 is a level your custom character can reach however it is not the max level.
  • Beam struggles officially deconfirmed. The reason given was the 3 x 3 battles. (I still want to see a game where a teammate can start a beam struggle and then their teammates can join in to charge it up).
  • The game is still incomplete as Kid Gohan still had his Japanese voice.
  • DLC seems to be planned, some based on fan feedback.
  • There are over 70 characters at least in the game but based on some of the inclusions we are guessing there will be even more.

So there you go. Let us know what you think about this latest news and be sure to stay with Capsule Computers as we bring you all the latest Xenoverse news as it comes. Dragon Ball Xenoverse releases February 12th in Europe and Australia, the 5th in Japan and the 17th in America. The game is releasing on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC through Steam.

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