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The Japanese network test for Dragon Ball Xenoverse has come and gone but now Europe (including Australia) and the Americas are going to get their chance to try out Bandai Namco’s latest and greatest Dragon Ball game. While the process for acquiring a Europe Network Test key is very similar to the Japanese process with an online lottery, those who live in the America’s will have to rush to grab a code that can only be claimed by the first 20,000 users to claim it on the PlayStation Network for PS3. For full details on the Network Test please check out the official site, but for now if you’re just interested in grabbing the code all you need to know is it will be released on October 3rd in the PDT timezone (no time is given) through the Dragon Ball Z Games Facebook page.


While we wait for the Network Test to come around, Bandai Namco have released some more stunning screenshots of Xenoverse, this time focusing on new enemies and friends alike. Towa (the blue skinned female) is a scientist from the Dark Demon Realm who possesses a cold beauty. She seeks the destruction of history and energy called “Kili”. For those familiar with the series, Kili was also the energy Babidi seeked out to revive Majin Buu so it will be interesting to see why Towa would need that energy. Her partner Mira (blue skinned male) is an artificial life-form who has a menacing personality and holds great power. He works with Towa to bring about the destruction of history and become the strongest warrior of all time.


Not all the new characters are evil though, as The Supreme Kai of Time and Toki-Toki the bird will be aiming to help right the wrongs set by these villians. The Supreme Kai of Time may look young, but she is actually 75 millions years old. She is the one in command of Trunks. Toki-Toki possesses the ability to create time itself, however has been acting strange lately, possibly because of Towa and Mira’s actions. The Supreme Kai of Time was responsible for raising Toki-Toki. The screenshots also demonstrate how some well known events in Dragon Ball history will be drastically altered. We can see Raditz dodge Gohan’s charge and even avoid Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, leaving Goku the only one to die from the attack. Perhaps your created character will be the one to take him out instead?


Numerous people have spent time with the Network Test and the response has been highly positive despite some crashing issues and glitches which will most likely be ironed out before release. Players praised the combat system which has a great deal of depth with a wide array or offensive and defensive options. We now know the yellow bar seen during gameplay is for energy which is needed to pull of special and ultimate attacks and the green bar is for your defensive options which are needed to escape combos, teleport behind your opponents and to guard. When this lowers to zero you will not be able to guard until the bar regenerates.


We also know that in Toki Toki City, the MMO like hub world where online players meet, there are a number of shops which you can buy new accessories, new attacks and even forge items. You can also challenge other players to battles, communicate with them, pose in front of them or ask for their help in special co-op missions. These missions are similar to Battle of Z, where they will loosely follow the story line and the path they take can change when certain conditions are met. You can also select a mentor in Toki Toki City who will then train you to learn their techniques and even fight alongside you.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse currently has a worldwide early 2015 release date and is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC via Steam. We will be covering the game from EB Expo in Sydney a week from today so check back for our full impressions from a seasoned Dragon Ball games player.

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