Shanda Games International Europe releases Building Strategy Game ‘Happy Tribes’ on Android and iOS

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Shanda Games International Europe releases Building Strategy Game ‘Happy Tribes’ on Android and iOS

Free-to-Play Mobile Game ‘Happy Tribes’ available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Eschborn, Germany, 4th June 2014: Game Publisher Shanda Games International Europe released their first free-to-play mobile game on Android and iOS today. ‘Happy Tribes’ is now available for free in the Google Play Store at as well as in the Apple App Store at

The strategy game Happy Tribes challenges players to expand their Tribelings villages by developing the Mini villagers and accompanying them from their first steps until the days of old age. The daily tasks include expanding the settlement’s infrastructure, making the inhabitants gather resources and knowledge as well as training them for fights to occupy other villages or protect the village against enemy occupation.

However, Happy Tribes is not short of romance and offspring: The Minis only live up to their full potential after they have found and married a partner. The children have to be raised and educated in order to provide a constant growth of the village’s population.

The free-to-play game is shaped by its many-faceted game play, an adorable world design and features a direct Facebook implementation to play with or against Facebook friends. Therefore, players can help to defend friendly villages against aggressors, help friends to revive their Minis or ask for help via the implemented world chat function. Happy Tribes’ endless possibilities guarantee an experience full of fun and action.

Game Features

– Free-to-play
– multi-faceted game play
– riveting game environment
– world chat
– play with or against your Facebook friends
– train your Minis’ abilities, gather resources and defend your tribe against aggressors
– customize your Minis to your heart’s desire
– occupy other villages or save your friends from occupation
– let your Minis fall in love and get babies
– form a Clan and prove your skill in the Tribe Arena
– daily events (attendance reward, daily quest, item exchanges, item drops and much more)
– make new friends in the engaging world of Happy Tribes

About Happy Tribes
Happy Tribes is a free to play mobile game shaped by its many-faceted gameplay and an adorable world design. Expand your tribe by developing your Tribelings and accompanying them from their first steps until the days of old age. Let them fall in love with each other, enhance their skills, collect resources, fight your way through demanding dungeons or defend your tribe against invaders! Play with or against your Facebook friends, form a clan or occupy other players’ villages. Enter the tribe arena to reveal what surprises you have in store and prove yourself against other players to make it to the top. Dive into the endless possibilities that make Happy Tribes the uniquely fun and exciting game it is.

Happy Tribes is available for free in the Google Play Store at
More information about Happy Tribes can be found on the Facebook page

About Shanda Games International Europe GmbH
Shanda Games International Europe is a Germany-based publisher of online and mobile games. Founded in 2013, the company is specialised in distributing and operating free-to-play online and mobile games all over Europe. Shanda Games International Europe is part of the Shanda Games Group that also comprises Actoz and Eyedentity Games in Korea and Cherry Credits in Singapore. The parent company Shanda Games Limited is one of the leading Chinese developers and publishers of online and mobile games, offering users over 70 game products. Since September 2013, Shanda Games International Europe has been operating Dragon Nest, one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games on the global market, in Europe.

More information about Shanda Games International Europe can be found on the official website .

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