DeNA Launches Mobile Action Role-playing Game Cross Horizon

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DeNA Launches Mobile Action Role-playing Game Cross Horizon 

San Francisco, CA – June 5, 2014 DeNA today announced the launch of Cross Horizon, an action role-playing game (RPG) where the player embarks on an epic journey to recover their character’s memory while battling powerful enemies along the way. The free-to-play game is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and on Google Play for Android devices.

In Cross Horizon, the player joins Aurora, a fairy who has also lost her memory, to visit guilds, go on dangerous missions, fight numerous enemies, and discover the true intentions of the Bandit King.

Developed by Marvelous AQL, Cross Horizon is an engaging mobile experience that combines a deep story with the best elements of an action RPG. Players can customize their character’s appearance, weapons, and armor. Enemies can vanquish with intuitive tap and slash controls. Additionally, Cross Horizon offers an engaging multiplayer functionality where the player can enlist the help of their friends and join in battles together.

Cross Horizon is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and on Google Play for Android devices.

About DeNA

DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”) is a global leader of developing and operating mobile services including free-to-play games, e-commerce and other online offerings. Founded in 1999, DeNA is headquartered in Tokyo with offices and game development studios across the globe. DeNA Co., Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2432). For more information, visit:

About Marvelous AQL

Marvelous AQL, Inc. (Public, TYO:7844) is a leading publisher and developer of console, social and mobile games, known for titles such as No More HeroesHarvest Moon and Little King’s Story. The company was created as a result of a 2011merger between publishers Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive and mobile/ social developer Liveware.

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