‘Flower Farmer’ On Android™, a Unique New Social Gaming Experience Topping the Worldwide Charts

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‘Flower Farmer’ On Android™, a Unique New Social Gaming Experience Topping the Worldwide Charts

Virtual Farming Will Never Be The Same Again!

Hollywood, FL, May 27th, 2014:  Independent games developer and publisher, Code4Software LLC, through the brand Code4Mobile, is proud to announce the worldwide release of Flower Farmer to the Google Play™ digital app store.  Available as a premium download and utilizing an in-app purchased currency known as “Flower Power”, this immersive and compelling simulation game has within the first week of launch climbed to the top of the charts and has secured its position on the Top 10 New Paid Casual Games chart and Top 100 overall New Paid Games chart!

Flower Farmer is an easy to play yet advanced massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, offering fresh challenges and cutting-edge features, while benefiting from new real-time player interaction capabilities.  Players of all ages and experience levels will enjoy many hours of fun as they germinate seeds, nurture the seedlings, harvest their flowers, and make stunningly beautiful virtual floral arrangements for sharing across the world with friends and family through various social media.  As an online game, Flower Farmer requires an active Internet connection in order to play.

Flower Farmer is also incredibly realistic.  Players manage all aspects of indoor flower growing, such as ensuring proper lighting, ventilation, and water supply while battling insects, fungus, dehydration, and nutrient deficiency, as well as dealing with the effects of over-watering, over-trimming, and over-fertilization!  The reward is that players get to grow dozens of different types of life-like virtual flowers, each having a unique look and diverse attributes, keeping game play varied and engaging.  Flower arrangements can be created with the virtual flowers the player has grown by using the innovative Flower Arranger mini-app, with any one of a number of colorful vases or different arranger scene backdrops. Finished masterpieces can then be shared through social media with friends and family with just a few clicks.

Flower Farmer is Mobile Online Social Entertainment, which includes the ability to have game-wide chat, player-to-player private chat, contact lists, and an ignore feature.  There are also real-time, online leader boards showcasing stats, such as the wealthiest growers, most flowers harvested, weekly leaders, and more.  Flower Farmer also offers dozens of items that can be crafted and traded among players, for a true multiplayer game experience.

While the initial download of Flower Farmer has much to offer, the in-game purchase system opens up additional flower varieties, arranger scene backdrops, and super effective power-ups.  Additionally, the game’s built-in loot system provides wide-ranging rewards and the chance for uncommon and rare item drops, such as growing equipment, seeds, crafting components, farm gear, and much more!  The game also offers players the ability to use many of these items to craft various new items in the skill areas of Cooking, Engineering, and Alchemy.  These crafted items take the form of plant cures, boosts, and other miscellaneous supplies, which makes play challenging and fun.  Further, the Achievement System provides another helpful feature, allowing players to earn more Flower Power as they unlock achievements related to planting and harvesting flowers.  On a regular basis, new flower varieties, items, achievements, and crafting recipes are added, augmenting an already impressive list of features.

Flower Farmer is available for download from:


Journalists interested in further information, additional assets or setting up an interview with the developer are welcome to contact GAME PROMOTER™ by sending an email to press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com.  Members of the press are likewise encouraged to visit the following Hotlinks for the most recent updates to the game:


Game Website www.flower-farmer.com
Flower Growing Overview Trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCHGEsZlsfM
Flower Arranger Trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=99tBJkCqidg
Managing Your Farm Trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS5G3zXz544
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