Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 097 – Conception SMASH!

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We have arrived back inside your earlobes at last! This week,  Dustin Spencer, Travis Bruno, and Luke … no, he was absent have decided to return for yet another episode of CC Unplugged! This week, we talk about a lot of topics, such as the Xbox One, Conception II, sexism, and everything else that is burning in our minds. We welcome you to listen to the controversy unfold!

So grab some torches, tell your friends, and prepare to get UNPLUGGED!



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  • Hi I be been trying to download the podcast but every time I press it instead of downloading it, it plays it instead. I’m downloading off of an Android phone and NOT AN APPLE PHONE. Any advice you could give?

    • hold the link down to download and see if it gives you an option to save the file. ~MA

      • Nah it doesn’t give me that option, so is the only way to download it on a pc and then transfer it?

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