Rockstar Target GTA Online Cheaters

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It has come to Rockstar‘s attention over the last couple weeks that a small number of GTA Online players have attempted to exploit the game. Those in question generated and distributed game-breaking amounts of in-game cash, but maintenance done earlier today has stabilised the game. The developer are in the process of removing all of the counterfeit currency, and updates to further repair what negative impact these actions have had on the experience will continue.

It is important to note that anyone who received GTA$ as a result of this incident will not be penalised, although the funds will be removed. It’ll be a different story for those who willfully engaged in these disruptive activities, as they will be punished at Rockstar’s discretion. The exact punishments are being determined as we speak, with the possibilities of placing the culprits in isolated cheater pools, or banning them from GTA Online entirely, being considered. Rockstar has requested that any players who encounter suspicious goings-on alert them directly by way of the in-game reporting functionality. To do this, enter the Online tab in the Pause menu, select “Players” and scroll to find the offending player. From there, choose “Report” and then “Exploits” from the violation options.

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