Hayao Miyazaki To Possibly Revoke Retirement Announcement

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I never want to see this smile retire!

I never want to see this smile retire!

Late last year the king of Japanese animation, Hayao Miyazaki, announced that he would be retiring from the Anime movie game shortly after the completion and release of his/and studio Ghibli’s latest work of brilliance “The Wind Rises“, but it seems as though he may just go and do what he’s previously done in that past and withdraw his retirement.

He may still be in the game! A comment by Toshio Suzuki, a close colleague of Miyazaki, was made on a Japanese radio station on New Years Eve and, even though he went into no great detail, he basically mentioned that he didn’t think this is truly the end for Miyazaki and that he may soon make a return. Even his close friends and co-workers don’t believe this is the end for the legend.

Miyazaki constantly retires just to return to the industry shortly after, he’s done it throughout the years and every time he does so it brings fans all over the world to tears, hopefully this will be the last time the Anime world gets a retirement scare from Mr. Miyazaki and he comes back bigger and better than ever. Keep it going, Hayao Miyazaki, you’re not done making masterpieces yet!

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  • D.H.

    Don’t scare us like that again old man (<3) !

    • hehe he will do it again in 6 months 😉 ~MA

  • K.K.

    Can you confirm this for real? What Japanese radio station? Any other sources?

    • Frank Inglese

      Check this page out, it is a Japanese blog post that talks about the radio appearance, unfortunately for the choppy translation application that web browsers have it may be a bit hard to understand but check it out. 🙂 http://blog.livedoor.jp/dqnplus/archives/1783936.html

  • fbt

    wooohooo!! I’m glad Hayao Miyzaki is still in the game

  • Ponyo 2 baby! Can’t wait! 😀

    • Rizzian

      He has never been a sequel man sadly enough, so that is very unlikely.

      • Ponyo 2: Return to the Ocean has been confirmed for 2014!

  • Hana-Anon

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Studio Ghibli and have watched all their movies to date. I’ve been an anime fan for at least 10 years now, so I grew up watching Ghibli. However, I think that in recent years I think Ghibli have been loosing it with their movies, letting other movie makers such as Mamoru Hosoda and Makoto Shinkai take over the scene of where Ghibli has been lacking. I’ve been waiting to see Ghibli release something magical again but only been disappointed where it ‘didn’t quite get there’ but Hosoda and Shinkai have.

    It could be that it’s past Miyazaki’s time in the business, as sad as it would be to see him go, but the younger movie makers are taking over from Studio Ghibli. I’ll still be waiting for Ghibli to release something magical again, but I doubt it’s going to come. Ghibli’s older movies are far better then their recent ones. It was around Tales from Earthsea and Ponyo that they started to loose it and just haven’t gotten back up there yet. Currently, I’ve more excited to see what Hosoda and Shinkai have planned for but I’ll still hang around Ghibli, only because of my love for their much older movies.

    • Diana

      I know what u mean, and i agree, but i feel that Rise of the Wind will regain some of Miyazaki’s magic to it (i haven’t seen the movie yet) and i’m just glad that he returned ! and about Makoto, i agree, i’ve been so excited to see his work after i saw his previous ones which were amazing ! but for me, even tho Makoto did an amazing job, Ghibli’s quality is still higher imo ! and Makoto is being called that next Miyazaki and i agree for now, but he has to work a lot more to gain that title !

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