Wooden Sen’Sey Now Available on Steam for Purchase

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Wooden Sen’Sey, action-platformer is now available for purchase on Steam, and to celebrate, you can get it here for 20% off for a limited time only. The game was developed by Upper Byte, a small French indie studio manned by two men and a coffee machine.

Set in a unique “Japan Steam Rock” universe, the game flaunts exciting gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics. You play as Goro, a village chief in charge of keeping his villagers happy, but when they run out of SeY juice, the villagers become grumpy. It is Goro’s task to defeat the baddies around his village and to collect SeY juice for his people. Wielding his sword and grappling hook, he seeks SeY juice to return his villagers back to their old, happy selves.

The game offers a different gaming experience to players that try out Wooden Sen’Sey. The game integrates classic platforming mechanics with new unique twists into the gameplay, creating an unforgettable experience as you battle your way through the different levels.

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