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We have 1 copy of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y: The Official Kalos Region Guidebook to give away courtesy of Bluemouth Interactive.

To win simply leave a comment below answering the following question and we’ll pick a lucky winner:

What’s your favourite Pokemon from X or Y?

We’ll pick 1 lucky winner on the 25th of November. Make sure you use a  valid email when you register/post your comment so we can email you if you are one of our winners.


Competition is open to AU Residents only.

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  • Connor Singleton

    My FAVORITE pokemon from X and Y is definately Aegislash. It’s a sword and shield, what’s not to love…

  • William Erdmann

    My favourite Pokemon in X and Y is Aegislash. Because its attack and defensive mechanics are absolutely amasing.

  • Matt Lepar

    Goodra, more specifically, my Goodra who got traded to me from Germany when it was a Goomy.German Goodra is best Goodra. But honesty, it is Dragonite’s soft and innocent looking, and I assume feels gooey, dragon cousin. Do not let this fool you, a Goodra with Hydration and has been taught “Rest” in a rain party will turn it into a self regenerating gooey tank with little downtime, and being a dragon, it is capable of packing a hard punch. Next time you see a Goodra in battle and if it is couple with a Ludicolo, do not underestimate the lack of initial fear inspiring design they have. Under that carefree looking skin, they are are only after one thing; whiting you out! Fear the Goo, Fear the Dragon!

  • Ou7


  • Trent

    Froakie because he is both light and strong and can evolve into Greninja using both his water and dark power to totally own the other pokemon.

    • Congrats you’ve won! We’ll be in contact with you soon!

  • Christopher Hatswell

    My fave pokemon would be Zygarde because it took me 15 ultra balls my last dusk ball out of 8 and red lining health to get it took a dusk ball to catch it. Not to mention 47 minutes to catch at 12 at night. 🙂

    • thecrows2332

      Hmm. How long did it take you to catch Mewtwo? I had your problem with Mewtwo. He kept using Recover every second turn. So annoying.

  • thecrows2332

    Ive had a favourite type of Pokemon. I didnt think i would like the Fairy types but they really grew on me. I cant split between my Swirlix and and Floette. They were both a big help for me being Champion.

  • AmberB


  • Congrats to Trent on winning the Pokemon X & Y guidebook!

    To everyone that entered thanks and stay tuned for more give aways soon!

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