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Player Vs. Player And Guild Vs. Guild Combat Revealed

Berlin, November 21, 2013—  Sandbox Interactive has pulled the curtain back on the importance of player versus player and guild versus guild combat in their upcoming cross-platform Sandbox MMO, Albion Online.  With a player-driven economy and territorial-based PVP, balancing these two systems has proven to be challenge the Albion team is ready to face!  Players can find out more and sign up for the upcoming closed beta test at

With a game focused primarily on Player versus Player (PvP) and Guild versus Guild (GvG) fighting, Sandbox Interactive has striven to make these aspects of the game as fair and exciting as possible!  In Albion Online guilds can claim or conquer areas for their own, which are then known as their territories: guilds can own as many territories as they can capture and hold onto, and these territories provide shelter and resources to their battle-weary warriors!

Though Albion Online has a massive, unlimited open PvP system, there’s special features and mechanics for GvG, as well as other systems put in place to make the battles both fair and exciting.  Players will need to fight bravely for their territory!  In order to make GvG fighting fair for all parties, there is a system which stops enemy players from being able to attack safe territories while guild members are offline. For most of the day, territories are protected by a magical barrier, through which only members of the guild (or friendly members of other guilds) are allowed.

“To accommodate players from many different time zones, guilds choose a certain number of times during the day at which their territory will then be ‘open’ to attack,” said David Salz, Technical Director for Albion Online, “Because building up a power base takes many investments, including time, it’s important that guilds don’t lose their territories simply because they’re sleeping.”

Guilds of all shapes and sizes must feel that they can make their mark (literally!) on the world of Albion, so to level the playing field, Albion Online restrict the size of the GvG battles to accommodate smaller guilds and reward them for their skill in battle rather than their sheer size!  Thus, when guilds fight over territory, these battles will be restricted to a maximum of 5 members on each team.  Both the attacking and defending guilds will be notified prior to the battle commencing, and will at this point have to choose their five best warriors to battle over the territory; this restriction not only allows smaller guilds to compete and to prevent “zerging.”

It’s so important to cater to guilds of all persuasions, Albion Online can’t solely be run by guilds purely focused on PvP. Albion Online has crafting, trading, PVE, — so if players want to do anything to avoid PvP, our mercenary system is for them!  If a territory is threatened, players can also put a bounty out their enemies.  Claiming territory should be a challenge, so guilds must actively and thoroughly plan a strategy for claiming a certain area – guilds are only able to attack a territory if it shares its borders with a territory they already own.  Keep your friends close.and your enemies closer!

Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different devices including Windows, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same world!

Albion Online will go into beta in early 2014 and players can get all the latest updates by following the game on Facebook at and Twitter: @albiononline, or on Google+ and on YouTube at

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We are Sandbox Interactive, an independent company founded in January 2012 and based in Berlin, Germany. We believe that the creation of your own world and interaction with other players are paramount to entertainment — and both creating and interacting are best experienced in sandbox games. That’s why we are extremely passionate about sandbox MMORPGs. Currently, we are a team of 12 full time employees and 9 freelancers, all working hard on our project Albion Online. Most of us are coders and artists. We believe that delivering a great product is most important. That’s why we focus on our game rather than on marketing or a huge B2B network. And even more important, everyone in our team is still a gamer themselves and loves games. We hope that you will be able to feel this love in our game.

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