Get Spooky With Digimon Masters Online

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With Halloween being celebrated all around the world, Joymax has decided to join in on the fun by releasing a huge Digimon Masters Online event to celebrate the time of the year where everything gets just a little more spooky! If you’re already a player of the hit MMO/RPG game now is the time to head over to the DATS Center in the Digital World where you’ll meet Pumpkinmon who will give you a new weapon to add to your arsenal: Pumpkin Bombs. Pumpkin monsters will appear all around the Digital World and it is your “duty” to use the pumpkin bombs and destroy them. Destroying them will earn you candy that can be traded in for high-class items such as Burst Accelerators and Digi-Soul Buffing Sweets. 


Soulmon will also join the celebrations during this event. This guy loves sweets and by looting “Ghost Cookies” from fallen enemy Digimon you can then trade them to him for a number of different Halloween Gift Boxes which include items like Backup Discs, Ecoluters, Mysters Mercenery DigiEggs, Mystery Reinforced Mercenery DigiEggs and Pure White Mystery DigiEggs so there really is no reason to ignore the event considering how much you have to gain by taking part. The Halloween Event will be running from today until the 26th of November so you’ve got just a little over a full month to enjoy all that this spooky event has to offer. Head to the Official DMO website here to get started!

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