Nexon Cash (NX) Bonuses in Summer Sale



White Marine's Set

(White Marine’s Set)

Europe has started their summer sale event by including an 30% increase to any NX purchase from August 7th to August 11th. Putting the savings into perspective, you can purchase 30,000 NX and receive an additional 9,000 NX for free!

Let’s make this interesting then… Let’s say you wanted to buy the latest White Marine’s outfit on Nexon’s Free-to-Play MMO, Dragon Nest. The set currently costs 11,700 NX and would not normally be covered on a $10 Karma Koin purchase (10,000 NX). However, this sale would give you 13,000 NX and make the White Marine’s outfit available to you. So hop on over to any of Nexon’s games and purchase some Nexon Cash before the sale ends on August 11th!

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