Garfield’s Wild Ride is Released on iTunes and Google Play

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The original fat cat!

The original fat cat!

Thanks to Namco Bandai the lord of lazy, the king of cool, the lover of lasagne Garfield is back in action! On the 27th of June the new Smartphone/Tablet game Garfield’s Wild Ride was released on both the iTunes Store and Google Play.

This side scrolling runner pits Garfield against his worst nightmare…exercise! It’s literally his worst nightmare because this game takes place entirely in a dream but just like any dream the possibilities are limitless! Garfield imagines himself running, jumping, defying gravity and doing pretty much…well…what Garfield wouldn’t do in reality.

Bring it home, Odie!

Bring it home, Odie!

Players will guide Garfield through 45 different missions across 3 radically different environments. Blast through obstacles by obtaining “Pickups” that allow you to do things like ride a giant Odie through obstacles knocking down everything in your way or latching on a helmet and jumping on a skateboard to glide past objects that are in your way. Garfield is also customizable! You can equip him with dapper hats, different clothes and much more.

You must be dreamin'!

You must be dreamin’!

Garfield’s Wild Ride, Co-Published by Namco Bandai Games Europe and Anuman Interactive, is available now for any devices that are able to run apps/games from both the iTunes store and Google Play. It’s available for $0.99 so pick it up now! Also check out the trailer in our Featured Video section just below to see what it’s like in action.

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