Tomb Raider Developers’ Top Ten Moments Trailer

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So it seems that after release and DLC, Crystal Dynamics wasn’t quite done with their Tomb Raider game yet, but the only thing left to do was to look back and pick the top ten moments from their own game. What better way to showcase these moments, than a trailer to show exactly what they love about them.

Narrated by Game Director Daniel Bisson, the trailer of moments is more than just a simple top ten, as he explains why these moments were so important to the team and for Lara as well. Obviously this contains spoilers for those that haven’t played the game yet, so if you’re one that still plans on checking it out, it might be best to pass on by.

Players that aren’t worried about spoilers, and want to see how their own personal top moments compare with those on the actual development team, can watch the trailer embedded below. Tomb Raider was developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Check out our review for the game here.

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