Metro: Last Light makes it to store shelves today

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It has been a long time coming and it took a change in publishers to happen, but Metro: Last Light has finally made it’s way to store shelves for purchase in North America. Deep Silver has released 4A Games’ sequel to Metro 2033 onto the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC though it is worth noting that the rest of the world has to wait until May 17th to pick the game up.

As for the title itself, Metro: Last Light is an exceptional experience that has seen a number of revisions over the original and while it’s storyline may be a bit iffy at times, the game’s gunplay, stealth mechanics and atmosphere make up for it in spades. To commemorate the game’s launch the company has provided the below launch trailer and if you are interested in seeing if Metro: Last Light is worth your time, you can find our full review of the game here.

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