Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 082 – Xbox Done

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Xbox One. Never has one reveal caused such an uproar of emotion. This week on CC Unplugged, Dustin Spencer, Philip Federico, Luke Halliday, Travis Bruno, and Joshua Moris come together to talk about Microsoft’s latest toy, with serious discussion had about the controversial features that have been announced at the forefront of the discussion. It gets rather heated, and you can check out show to hear our own thoughts.

We also have a GIVEAWAY from our friends at Gaijin Games, and are giving away one Xbox Live Arcade code for BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. All you need to do is await the magical little question, and send your answer to Easy stuff, as always.

Jump In, Tell your friends, and prepare to get UNPLUGGED!



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