Thunderbird III Revealed for Fire and Forget: The Final Assault

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You may or not have heard of the classic Fire & Forget, but soon everyone will be able to experience the game in a brand new way when Fire and Forget: The Final Assault comes to the PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. Now the main gimmickry of the classic was the rides, and to show just what this title is capable of, this remake will feature the Thunderbird III – which Anuman Interactive revealed today.


As you see in the screenshots, this is one beastly vehicle and is sure to cause plenty of mayhem on the road. This is also a chance for you to see this particular car in close-up form, and if just this one is any indication, we are in for what looks to be like one beautiful game. Fire and Forget: The Final Assault releases in just a little over two weeks, and stay tuned as once there is more information released, we will be sure to bring it to you here.


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