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Fans of the Tekken franchise would be delighted to know that Tekken Card Tournament has just been released by Namco Bandai Games and is now available for free on mobiles, tablets and even web browsers.

The game is the first ever free-to-play game set within the wildly popular Tekken universe. Tekken Card Tournament will feature seamless cross play between platforms, allowing you to duke it out with other players no matter what device they choose to play the game on.

Tekken Card Tournament features mind-blowing 3D visuals that fans of Tekken have come to expect from this ground-breaking series. Players will engage in thrilling turn-based card battle that are as deep as they are action-packed. Deck-building will be a major aspect of the game as a powerful deck and strategy will give you an edge over your competition.

That isn’t all that players can expect from Tekken Card Tournament however. Bridging the gap between real-world and online, Namco Bandai will be releasing physical booster packs for the card game that can be transferred into the digital realm of the game with a simple QR code scan. The booster packs will hit EB Games stores in the coming months.

You can download Tekken Card Tournament now for iOS here, for Android here, Kindle tablet here and web browser play here. Namco Bandai have also released a trailer which you can see below for a look at what to expect from Tekken Card Tournament.

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