Shovel Knight receiving music from Mega Man Composer

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Another win for a game that has yet to see a release. Shovel Knight, which is being developed by some former developers of WayForward (now deemed Yacht Club Games), is still going through it’s Kickstarter phase – but already has a bit of promise just off the news of who will be adding to it’s soundtrack.

Manami Matsumae, who composed melodies for the original Mega Man is going to be working on two tracks for Shovel Knight. Yes, that is a huge step forward for a game that is so inspired by that franchise to start with, and is being developed by the same minds that brought us Double Dragon Neon and Contra 4. If you haven’t yet, check out the official Kickstarter for the game here, and stay tuned as Shovel Knight will hopefully getting more updates as funding rolls in. Remember this as well – Just because Shovel Knight is funded, doesn’t meant you can’t STILL donate to make the experience even more grand, so if you have a few bucks – toss it to a project that has a lot of potential.

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