Remember Me Score Comes from Mind of Olivier Deriviere

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Developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Capcom probably had a lot of options to choose from when deciding on who would compose the musical score for their upcoming game Remember Me. Regardless of all the options available, they seem to have chosen a great fit with composer Olivier Deriviere.

Having previously done composition work for Alone in the Dark and Of Orcs and Men, Olivier has uniquely created the score for Remember Me by taking live recordings of Philharmonia Orchestra at Air Studios in London by John Kurlander and then electronically remixing at Universal Mastering Studios in Los Angeles into multiple layers to fit with the futuristic setting and theme of rebuilding Nilin’s memory. For those missing the deeper meaning there, by utilizing the purely organic sound of the orchestra and modifying it digitally, the score perfectly reflects the main character’s state of mind. Heavy stuff.

Even more so, the score has been designed to adapt to how the player controls Nilin, while also incorporating hidden messages. Players wanting to check out how the game will sound can listen to samples HERE, else they just have to wait until Remember Me releases for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in North America on June 4th, then in Europe on June 7th.

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